I'm not even in a band and I, too, have felt the wrath of the 'Soundman.'

Nope, being a lady doesn't help. In this line of work, I've had my share of interactions with that front of house guy who I felt hated me. I've been city to city, to numerous venues, festivals and events and I never understood why there was such a universal bad attitude. Like, did I do something to you?

Now I get it.

The Hard Times (which is, hands down, my all-time favorite online publication) brought us a 4:34 mockumentary, Soundman: The Art of Grumpy, this week and it was definitely enlightening.

If you have five minutes, spend it here:

I don't know how the front-of-houses of the world are taking this. I did reach out to one for comment.

He was on a smoke break.

I will say, however, I do spend a lot of time at the Downtown Artery and the MOXI Theater, and the sound technicians at those venues are not like this at all -- we love Alex!

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