If you're a Colorado movie buff who loves going to the theatres, stay away from this particular city as it was just ranked as one of the worst "Movie Cities" in the Country.

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Love Movies? Don't Go To This Colorado City To See One

Going to the movies is a time-honored tradition for most. I always loved going to see movies as a kid with my family. I distinctly remember going to see Beauty and the Beast, My Girl, Hook, Little Rascals, Major League II, and even Terminator 2 as a young kid. No, I probably shouldn't have seen Arnold's Terminator 2 as a young kid but I snuck in and was instantly hooked on it. There's a reason it's one of the greatest films ever created. Anyway, going to the movies will always be one of my favorite things to do, and I'm so glad the movie business is booming again. One particular city in Colorado was just ranked as one of the worst places to see a movie in the entire United States. What's the deal?

The gang at Lawn Love set out to find the absolute best places to enjoy that special cinema magic. They looked at 13 different metrics including access to theaters, quality of theaters, how affordable they are, how the community is around the theaters, and even how good streaming is if you choose the home theater route. One of the bigger Colorado cities came in near the very bottom of the list.

Thornton Is Ranked As One Of The Worst Places To See A Movie In The U.S.

A city I grew up in, and saw many movies in, has come in at number 193 on the Top 200 "Movie Cities" list making it one of the Top 10 worst cities to watch movies in the entire country. The biggest reason is the pure lack of movie theatres. It used to have some awesome movie theaters, but these days it's slim pickings. And the ones that are there have landed Thornton at number 2 on the "Lowest Average Consumer Rating For Movie Theaters" list. What's the best Colorado city to see movies in?

Denver Is Ranked As One Of The Best Places To See A Movie In The U.S.

Denver did much better in Lawn Love's research and landed at number 15. Lots of great options for movies around Colorado's Mile High City. Colorado Springs landed at number 46 and Fort Collins checks in at number 82. The top city was New York City, followed by Los Angeles at number 2. I'm sure all of the movie premieres didn't hurt their ranking score at all. Check out the map below.

Courtesy of Lawn Love
Courtesy of Lawn Love

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