If you're a Colorado donut lover or just a lover of super cool and unique local restaurants and cafes, you've got to check out this awesome local Colorado donut shop.

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Is this A Must Visit Colorado Donut Shop?

For the most part, bearing any health or diet restrictions, donuts can bring a smile to any person's face. I mean seriously, how happy are you when someone rolls into work with a box of donuts to share? I was sick all this last weekend and wanted a cheat treat for breakfast and my little guy and I decided it felt like a donut kind of day. We stopped by the local Winchells in town only to find it closed for construction. Luckily for us, there was another option just blocks away. We'd never heard about this place or even knew it existed until this past weekend but we're glad we found it because it was awesome!

This Awesome Colorado Hidden Gem Donut Shop Is "Off The Hook"

Ever heard of Landline Doughnuts? This cool, locally owned hidden gem donut shop in Longmont, Colorado was a real treat to find! An extremely cool vintage vibe, full of tasty treats, and vintage "landline" phones all over the shop. And yes, they work.

Get more on this awesome locally owned and operated donut, coffee, and soft serve cafe, here.

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