I am a bit of a music fanatic in that I feel the need to make a fitting music mix for just about every special occasion (And even some not-so-special occasions). Now, Thanksgiving is a tough one because there isn't all that much music devoted to the holiday, and a lot of the songs that are, seem a little cheesy. But here are some songs that you can add to your turkey day mix to liven things up a bit.

Now, if you search for "Thanksgiving Music" on most music services you are going to get the few traditional holiday songs, every song with "Thanksgiving" in the name, and  mainstays like:

As well as a plethora of classical pieces and religious hymns. You might even get some food-related songs like Weird Al's "Eat It" or "Food, Glorious Food" from 'Oliver'. However, if you're anything like me hearing most of those songs once a year is more than enough. You probably want to make a turkey day playlist that has a bit more 'girth' to it and has some songs you can enjoy all afternoon as well as a few songs actually recorded in the past decade or so.

Here a list of some songs that might be playing at my house on Thanksgiving. Some about being thankful, some about family, some about food, and some that just 'feel' right for the holiday. (Song links will take you to Amazon where you can preview the songs and/or buy and download the MP3s.)

What are your favorite thanksgiving tunes? Any more out there I should add to my list?

Picture by Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar, Flickr.

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