Remember the good old days when Halloween meant trick-or-treating and bobbing for apples? Well, technology has made All Hallow's Eve a whole lot scarier. From advanced video displays to motion-sensing devices, these Halloween-themed gadgets will turn your home into a truly terrifying house of horrors. Here's a list of some cool tech (some pricey, some not) that will help you make things go bump in the night this year.

  • 1

    Axe Killer Video Screen

    If you REALLY want to scare trick-or-treaters, this effect may be your best bet. Affix this video panel to your front door to create the illusion that an actual axe-wielding murderer is trying to break through. It's a great way to finally get those annoying teens from next door to leave you alone.

  • 2

    Animatronic Chainsaw Skeleton

    Making your own costume can be one of the best parts of Halloween. So why not build your own decorations too? This animatronic 'Chainsaw Massacre Skeleton' display is easy to construct and a great way to add an intense sense of fear and dread to your front lawn.

  • 3

    Vortex Tunnel

    Got $8,000 lying around? Then you can make your home look like it leads to another dimension with the Vortex Tunnel display. This spooky, fully automated portal actually rotates so trick-or-treaters will feel like they're entering the 'Twilight Zone.' Additional effects can be made extra special (and extra queasy) with 3D glasses.

    Haunted Props
    Haunted Props
  • 4

    Creature Crate

    What have you got trapped in that box? The Creature Crate violently shakes to life, alerting passersby to the horror of what might soon be breaking out.

  • 5

    Garden Zombie

    This isn't exactly a gadget, but it's pretty cool, so who cares? SkyMall commissioned artist Alan Dickinson to create a lifelike (deadlike?) zombie for your garden, and he succeeded in scaring the Dickens out of everyone. For $100 plus shipping, you can be sure nobody will be snipping your lavender anytime soon.

  • 6

    Actual Hand Case for iPhone

    Need someone to lend you a (pardon the pun) hand to hold your iPhone? These creepy cases have a replica hand stuck to the back that fits right into your own when holding your phone. It's adorably freakish.

  • 7

    Animated Snake Wreath

    This spooky wreath will slither to life when someone approaches your door. You might want to consider keeping it up all year to keep pesky salespeople away.

  • 8

    Misting Witch's Cauldron

    Something for the Halloween traditionalists out there! A bargain at $35, this SkyMall special mixes plain old water and LED lights to make a wicked tabletop display. No dry ice needed!

  • 9

    Exploding Fuse Box

    Make Halloween explosive with this fuse box prop that shakes and jolts to life. Your party guests will think there's a spirit haunting the electrical circuits of your house.

  • 10

    DIY Halloween Blinking Eyes

    These eerie eyes will scare anyone into thinking there is some bloodthirsty creature waiting in the dark preparing to pounce.

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