There are so many amazing teachers around Northern Colorado and so we want to honor all of our excellent teachers from around Northern Colorado and beyond at the Colorado Eagles game this Friday night.

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Colorado Teachers To Be Honored At The Colorado Eagles Game

I'll be the very first to admit, it's incredibly easy as a child to not truly understand, and take advantage of, just how special most teachers actually are. I wasn't what you would call, "the best student" growing up. But looking back, I was surrounded by so many amazing teachers and school support staff when I was in school. It's taught me as an adult, and a parent, that we need to truly appreciate these amazing education warriors that go to battle with and for our kids while educating them all year long. These are the people that are shaping our children's futures and that is so, so important. How can we show them some extra love?

Thank You Colorado Teachers And School Staff


I'm so proud to work with two amazing employers who help honor and celebrate the amazing teachers we have all over Northern Colorado and beyond. And together, Townsquare Media and the Colorado Eagles are teaming up to celebrate our great local educators in the absolute coolest way... By spotlighting and honoring them at a Colorado Eagles hockey game.

What's Happening at The Colorado Eagles Teacher Appreciation Night?

The Colorado Eagles, Meadow Gold, and Townsquare Media would like to invite the great teachers of Northern Colorado to the game against the Abbotsford Canucks on Friday, February 24th at 7:05 pm.

Local teachers will be doing the ceremonial first puck drop, riding on the Eagles Zamboni during the intermissions, competing in various contesting, and so much more. We're proud of our local teachers and we can't wait to show you off and make you feel this love this Friday night at the Eagles game.

Nominate Your Favorite Teacher For Tuesday

Also, don't forget to nominate and vote for your favorite teacher for Townsquare Media's Teacher Tuesday HERE. as we honor awesome local teachers around Northern Colorado and beyond every single month.

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