Next time you forget something on the way to DIA, rest easy, because Target is coming to save the day with a brand-new location just minutes from Colorado's largest airport.

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New Target Store Coming Near DIA

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We've likely all been there. On the way to the airport and as you get close, you realize you've forgotten something and are forced to try and buy it at the airport with their ridiculous prices, right?

While Colorado's DIA has plenty of shops inside the giant airport, they're all overpriced and don't typically have exactly what you're looking for. Currently, stopping somewhere close to the airport to pick up random forgotten odds and ends is tricky because there hasn't been anywhere close to stop, until now, where there's finally a potential for change.

Is A Target Store Being Built On Tower Road Near DIA?

Our friends at the Denver Post are reporting that Target is looking at a potential location near Denver International Airport. This potential plan, according to an online map from Kensington Development, would be near 56th Avenue and Tower Road.

The proposed store would be one of Target's new larger-format stores sitting at about 150,000 square feet, which is about 25,000 square feet larger than most current Target locations.

While they currently have a location in Northfield, this location would be much closer and easier to access not just to airport travelers, but to the many staying in hotels in the DIA area as well.

While nothing has been confirmed, the Denver Post is reporting that the plans are being reviewed by the city and construction is still a ways off. It sounds like it's happening though. Would a new Target, or any large shopping center near DIA be a nice convenient addition to have?

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