girl scout cookies

Here's When You Can Get Your Girl Scout Cookies in NOCO
If you have been craving your Thin Mints like I have, good news for you! Soon you will be able to stock up on your favorite Girl Scout Cookies in Northern Colorado. Whether you are a fan of Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs or other Girl Scout cookies, you know it is always a good idea to have a stockpi…
Fort Collins Man In Court Battle Over Girl Scout Cookies
A Fort Collins man is in a nasty legal battle with the Girls Scouts over $42 dollars worth of cookies. He paid with a check, his check was returned, he was sent to collections, and if he ends up on the losing end of this judgment, he could end up paying nearly $800 for for $42 cookie purchase.
Girl Scout Cookie Prices Going Up In Colorado
Many of us are salivating over the start date of January 26, 2014, when Girl Scout cookies go on sale again in Colorado, but we'll be paying a bit more for our cookies this year. Apparently the price of the cookies is going up by 50-cents in the metro-area.
They’re Back, It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time
I always look forward to the great Girl Scout Cookies each year. Well, it’s that time again. If you haven’t seen them in your office or neighborhood yet, chance are good that there will be Girl Scout Cookies for sale near you soon. Today, we had a father daughter selling the delicious treats in our …