February means it's finally Girl Scout Cookie time again all over Colorado. When and where can get your hands on those delicious Girl Scout Cookies?(Scroll down to see this year's cookie line up)

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Girl Scout Cookies Are Back This Weekend In Colorado

Girl Scout Cookies Cash

Are you ready? It's finally Girl Scout Cookie season and those little ladies are sure to be a bigger hit than this year's Super Bowl because they're giving us something we actually want.

I used to have the ultimate hook up on the cookies as my daughter were both "cookie dealers" for nearly a decade. Sadly, they grew up, got busy with sports, and retired from their troop.

The good news is, even without my living room full of cookies, there are still plenty of ways to get those sweet little treats!

Where Can I Buy Girl Scout Cookies In Colorado?

Cookies officially go on sale this Sunday, February 4th when they went on sale and there are plenty of options to buy your cookies.  Look at this map to see just how many options you have in 2024... It's even more than last year, WOW.

Google Maps
Google Maps

You can also narrow down your search by going to their website or texting "Cookies" to 59618. That used to be the number you'd text to order cookies and they'd arrive right to your door, but the bounceback message and website seem different this year so they may have done away with the text delivery service.  Let's meet the cookies!

Time To Meet The Girl Scout Cookies. What Is Colorado's Favorite Cookie?

With so many options these days, let me introduce you to the 2024 Colorado Line-up of Girl Scout Cookies.

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