Local Business Combines Dogs & Beer
It's the perfect setting, hanging out with your dog, drinking a cold beer, chatting with friends.  This isn't happening in your back yard though, it's happening at a new business and seems to be a growing trend.
FOX 31 reported, that the Bark Bar is open for business...
Avengers Trailer, Friends Version [VIDEO]
Who doesn't love it when someone takes the time to do a mash-up video? Somebody took the theme song from 'Friends' and put it to clips of the 'Avengers' and it is AWESOME! They did such a good job with this trailer that I kind of want this to become a sit-com.
Fun New Year’s Day Activities On A Budget
Not heading out of town for the holidays this year? Looking to do something memorable on the first day of 2011 without spending the money needed for a warm-weather or ski vacation? You have lots of options – some even in your own back yard.