It's the day to be friendly and ding-dong ditch someone! May Day! Not many know that May 1st is actually a day for a tradition that has died out. I always grew up hearing the tradition was between neighbors but you can do it for anyone that you want to, anyone you fancy, or just want to be nice too! It's such a fun little tradition to bring back or to have with a friend every year.

All you do is get a basket together of goodies, anything you would like or that the receiving person would love and make their day brighter. You can do cookies, maybe items for a day of relaxing, or movie rental coupons and popcorn for a movie night? The tradition also, at one point, was to hang a basket of hand-made paper flowers on someone's door knob! leave it on their door step or door knob, ring the doorbell and run away! It's really fun and creative and great for kids to join in!