A location in the midtown of Loveland was home to Davidson Chevrolet for many years; now, Elon Musk's electric vehicle company is looking to spark that spot.

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1604 North Lincoln has housed several businesses since Davidson Chevrolet moved out to the Autoplex at the interstate, most of them having to do with cars or motorsports.

My family moved to Loveland in the early 1970s when my father got a job working for the one and only Nick Davidson himself, and at this very same location. I remember they used to have a 'sales shack' in the parking lot where we used to get hot dogs.

The Reporter-Herald reports that the facility was recently purchased for just over $3.5 million; unrelated, this means the sale is generating a huge profit for the former owners of the facility, who purchased it in 2011 for only $800,000.

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According to the Reporter-Herald, though there is speculation that the location will be a dealership for Teslas, the City of Loveland states that it's only going to be a service center for the vehicles.

Still, it would be neat for Loveland to have a Tesla dealership. Elon's brother, Kimbal, is the entrepreneur behind The Kitchen [Next Door] that has a location in Old Town; plus, Loveland is the headquarters for the electric motor company Lightning eMotors.

Get more on Tesla's Loveland center from the Reporter-Herald HERE.

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