If you're planning on shopping this weekend in Colorado, be aware that many different stores and chains have announced that they'll be closed for part of this weekend.

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These Stores Are Temporarily Closed For Part Of This Weekend


As a kid, it wasn't uncommon for different businesses to be closed on Sundays around Colorado. Many folks went to church, then went out for lunch or cooked at home. It was once a day of rest for many.

In 2024 though, Sundays are poppin'. Besides Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, and car dealerships, the state is up and running at full speed for the most part with just about any other businesses around the state. Except for this Sunday.

These Colorado Stores To Temporary Close On Easter Sunday

While the date fluctuates, Easter always falls on a Sunday, and while many businesses will give their employees the day off to celebrate their different religions, spend time with family, and eat all the candy that sweet bunny leaves around your house, it feels like the list of stores closing this year is much longer than in the past.

These Colorado Stores to Temporally Close Easter Weekend

Don't find yourself sitting out in front of your favorite store on Easter Sunday reading their "Sorry, we're closed today" sign. Here are some of the bigger Colorado businesses that will be closed on Easter Sunday, that would normally be open.

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While it's easy to adjust your schedule, sometimes it's easier to forget things are closed and show up to an empty lot and a locked door. Like the employees of these (and more) fine establishments will be doing, we hope you enjoy your Easter Sunday.

All the Businesses Colorado Sadly Lost In This Last Year

While the list is much longer, here are some of the Colorado businesses that we were most sad to see go in 2023.

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These Colorado restaurants once rose to fame as part of national broadcasts on the Food Network. Sadly, they are no longer in business. Scroll through the photos below to see these long-lost favorite places in the Centennial State.

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