With travel season being in full swing, it's surprising to be losing a major airline at Colorado's largest airport. Spirit Airlines will make an exit from Denver International Airport beginning this January.

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Spirit Airlines Leaving DIA In Colorado

Spirit Airlines Experiencing Widespread Technicality Difficulties Causes Nationwide Delays
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Have you been to Denver International Airport lately? We went to Florida last month and it seemed busier than I've ever seen it before. Maybe it's just all of the (what feels like) never-ending construction, but it just felt super packed. My family decided to purchase TSA Pre-check earlier this year to expedite check-in and help with the hassle of airport security at DIA, but even that line was extremely long. Took us close to 45 minutes just to get through security, even with pre-check. Could the awful airport experience be why Spirit Airlines is leaving DIA permanently?

Spirit Airlines To Discontinue Service At Denver International Airport In January 2024.

If you were a fan of the cheap fares for the giant yellow planes at DIA, you'll be sad to learn that Spirit Airlines is discontinuing service to Colorado, and leaving town on January 9th. In a statement obtained by Fox31, Spirit Airlines said:

“As we continue to learn more about how Pratt & Whitney’s GTF engine availability impacts our fleet and operations, we’re forced to make some tough choices. After considering those constraints and the underperformance of our routes through Denver International Airport (DEN), we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue service at the airport, effective Jan. 9, 2024.”

While only affecting three current routes, it's still quite the hassle for those booked after their departing date. Spirit is offering full refunds for all flights booked after January 9th, 2024. Could they return to Colorado at some point? It's certainly possible, as they left back in 2004 and returned again in 2012. With DIA's planned expanding projects continuing, I'd assume they could make a return at any time. Assuming JetBlue doesn't buy them first. Speaking of things that Colorado has lost this year...

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