Ever been heading on the trip of a lifetime and encountered an issue with lost luggage? Total nightmare, right? Ever wonder what happens to the lost luggage that never gets claimed?

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What Happens To Unclaimed Lost Luggage At Denver International Airport?


Most of us are aware of just how stressful trips to the airport can be, especially if you live in Denver because DIA is a zoo right now with construction etc. PAcking, getting to the airport, parking, checking bags, and dealing with security it can all be a bit much.

Sometimes all of the things that go with travel, it's easy to get sidetracked and completely lose track of personal belongings, including your luggage. Have you ever lost something at the airport and not tried to track it down? It's far more common than we thought...

Unclaimed Lost Luggage At DIA in Colorado

With millions of travelers passing through Colorado's largest airport each year, it's no surprise, or maybe it is, that hundreds of items go lost and unclaimed. While a majority of it goes to the homeless community of Denver and surrounding areas, some of it gets resold...

After 90 days, unclaimed baggage at airports can be sold, and one of the buyers is Unclaimed Baggage. Located in the town of Scottsboro, Alabama, this resale store has millions of visitors each year looking for gold, which they literally can find.

On their website, they have jewelry, clothes, accessories, electronics like AirPods and so much more. I can't help but wonder why someone wouldn't try harder to find their stuff knowing how valuable some of the items, like expensive rings and jewelry etc. are. I know I'd be turning over all the rocks to find my lost bags, that's for sure.

Most of these bags are tagless, inside and out, and there's no way to track down their rightful owners, which makes me want to write my name and number in permanent marker all over my luggage so this never happens to me. Happy traveling...

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