It's hard to dislike Trey Parker and Matt Stone, even for 'BASEketball,' when you think of all the laughs their show has brought for 25 years.

It was in 1997 that the two students at University of Colorado came up with an almost absurd animated feature, 'The Spirit of Christmas.' Here we are 25 years later and Matt and Trey have more money than even Cartman would know what to do with.

The 25 years that 'South Park' has been on, the show has been crude, rude, political, topical, and above all, funny. They have a way of making these kids (once 3rd graders, now 4th graders) display how weird and wrong the world can be, but make us smile.

The guys are just naturally funny; even when it comes to talking about boring stuff like contracts.

The show holds a special place in the hearts of Coloradans, since it does take place here, and now that they are the new owners of Colorado's Casa Bonita. I'm sure there are a lot of people that wish that it wasn't set in Colorado, though, too. I can hear them,

Why do the have to make us look so.. . [mean], [stupid], [redneck]..

The latest seasons have seen the show having Randy Marsh embrace Colorado's pot industry with his 'Tergridy' pot company. Randy is probably one of my favorite characters, always going a little (or way) too far.

Comedy Central just announced that they've signed Parker, Stone, and the South Park company, to stay on the channel through 2027.  It's fortunate that Parker and Stone have a great team behind them to help create all the madness that is 'South Park.'

At the press conference for the announcement of the new contract, where the show was also celebrated for it being on for 25 years, they cracked this one:

To be halfway done with South Park is a great accomplishment-we can’t lie..

I belly-laughed when I read that. "Halfway done!" 'Humble much?" I said, too.

Great job, Guys.

[Source: South Park]

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