Now that the Holidays are behind us, here's a look back at some toys we got for my son, that were really for me.

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Kids Toys That Are Really For Their Parents

As parents, we've all done it. Seen a cool toy in the store and decided that our kids would really dig it. Secretly though, we all know deep down inside that we kind of wanted it for ourselves. I'm 100% guilty of this, especially now that my son is five and likes cooler toys. I'll be honest too, a lot of the time, I find myself buying stuff for him that I couldn't have when I was his age. The fact that I can walk into a toy store and literally buy any toy that I want just excites the little kid that's still in my heart. With his two sisters, I didn't get to buy many cool boy toys so now that I can, my house is full of stuff that we both can enjoy.

5 Toys My Kid Got For Christmas That Were Really For Me

Yes, I'm that parent. We all are at some point, right? Buying toys for our kids that are really for us? I could post hundreds I'm sure, but here are five of those examples just from Christmas with my son.

I have way more toys that are "ours" in my house, so maybe I'll make a part two to those soon. What toys in your house do you "share" with your kids?

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