It's a question I know I've had since it started in 2019. Which, looking back, is unreal to think it's actually been that long.

The main project that's taken up North I-25 is split into two sections. From Berthoud to Johnstown, the work that was started in 2019 is expected to be done in 2023. The plan was to start on that stretch, secure more funding, and move on to a stretch from Mead to Berthoud.

Meanwhile, there's the incredibly frustrating and tight stretch from Fort Collins to Johnstown.

That project also started in 2019 and was split into three phases. The hope is that that section is also done by 2023. So far, the Berthoud-Johnstown and Fort Collins-Johnstown stretches are both on schedule.

For the Fort Collins stretch, the three phases each have pretty major projects on their own. Phase 1 was really set to give crews time to build temporary infrastructure on the southbound side of I-25.

Phase 2 is the one most people have been familiar with. That phase was to push northbound traffic to the southbound side. Phase 3 is switching traffic back from the southbound side to northbound.

On top of the phases of construction, the final project will include an Express Lane in both directions, widen existing bridges, and replace four older bridges.

The funding for the project has come from a couple of different outlets. CDOT was awarded a $15 million TIGER grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation. That grant was just a small portion of the projected $302 million that would be needed to fund the full project.

Additionally, the communities and counties that have that stretch of I-25 run through and by them helped fund the construction. Specifically, Berthoud and Johnstown reportedly contributed about $100 per man, woman, and child in town to the project.

So, as difficult as it has been to drive through construction zones with tight walls and reduced speeds, push through. 2023 may seem far away, but we've made it about halfway through already!

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