If you were driving through the intersection of 5th and Colorado this afternoon in Grand Junction, you may have spotted celebrity chef Guy Fieri hanging out near a popular downtown restaurant.

Check out Guy Fieri at Grand Junction's very own Taco Party.

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I Thought There Had Been an Accident

When rolling through 5th and Colorado, a person stood in the right lane directing traffic to the other side. My first assumption was it was an accident.

Didn't Take Long to Figure it Out

Before long I spotted the checkered blue and white shirt accompanied by a funky hairdo, and before long, even I figured it out.

My First Assumption

At first, I assumed Guy Fieri was in town to help celebrate the opening of the new sports bar, Skorz, located next door to Taco Party.

It's possible that may have been the case. Then again, he may be visiting several restaurants. In any case, when I spotted him, he was at the doorway of Taco Party.

Tried to Approach - No Such Luck

During a lull in the excitement, I approached the crew to see if I could get some photos and an opportunity to speak to Fieri. They wanted no part of that. One of the film crew promptly offered me the "get lost" signal.

Waylon in Stealth Mode

I couldn't approach, so I fell back on the next best option, Paparazzi. Lookout National Enquirer, here I come.

Welcome to Grand Junction, Guy Fieri. I look forward to seeing the finished product of whatever it is you were filming today.

Guy Fiere in Downtown Grand Junction September 9 2021

Guy Fieri hanging out on 5th Street in Grand Junction, paying a visit to Taco Party.

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