At first, you think someone has had too many fuzzy navels; then you realize that this person is deliberately 'rolling' down the famous rows of seating.

You've seen people run up and down the stairs, you've seen people do yoga on the stairs, you most definitely have seen people having fun while enjoying a concert at Colorado's famous venue, but this person takes the cake.

There are roughly 70 rows at Red Rocks, and this person's mission seemed to have been to 'roll' down them. Well, not exactly 'roll.' He would 'roll,' like he was rolling out of bed and then fall to the next row while assuming a 'push up' position.


Whereas upon first glance, he looks like he's just haphazardly rolling down, out of control, he actually has a plan: Roll, set, roll, set, and so on. Sure, people do that all the time, right?

The video was captured on Labor Day of 'Mystery Fitness Guy,' but apparently, this wasn't his first trip to the venue to exercise in his own 'different' way.


So, next time you head to Red Rocks, be on the lookout for MFG (Mystery Fitness Guy.)

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