So maybe the picture above may be exaggerating the possible early week snowstorm next week. But either way this system has a chance to be the biggest in years.

While all forecast models are agreeing that a system will move into Northern Colorado at the beginning of next week, they can't all agree what the potential storm totals are going to be.

When looking at the latest map put out by the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, they are focused on the possibility of heavy snow and wind hitting Eastern Colorado early next week.

Credit: National Weather Service

One model, known as the Global Forecast System, states that the storm will hit a road block and we could be in the makings for a historic system that would most likely have to be measured in multiple feet for our region of Colorado.

There is the possibility, if the above does occur, that we could see a MINIMUM of 20" of snow in Fort Collins.

However, if the system moves through quickly like other models are saying, we could be in for your "garden variety" type Colorado storm.

Either way, next week is shaping up to be an active weather week with another storm forecast to hit the region at the end of the work week.