For over 45 years, people have made their way to Snowmass Village for the annual Balloon Festival. The event kicks off with the balloon glow at night.

Snowmass Village is about a five hour drive from Fort Collins, but if you're looking for an early-fall getaway, this is one to mark down; make it a 3-day Colorado hot air balloon festival weekend you won't forget.

When you arrive in Snowmass you notice the two beautiful peaks. One is Mount Daly, named after the then-president of the National Geographic Society; the other is Capitol Peak, which is triangular and takes its name from the Washington Monument.


It was in 1958, that skiing began taking off in Snowmass, as Olympic skier Bill Janss began making the area look like Aspen by buying up ranches in the valley. Bill's father developed Thousand Oaks in California, so this kind of thing ran is his family.

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Thousands of people may be on hand to see the 2022 event, knowing that the 50th annual one is creeping up and that one will be a crazy-attended festival.


  • September 16-18, 2022.
  • Friday evening Balloon Glow.
  • Morning flights all three days.
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It depends on how you want to get to Glenwood Springs, really. You can go north through Walden to come back south, or you can head south (and save some time) by taking I-25 to I-170 West. Once you hit Glenwood Springs, you head southeast for 40 miles.

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Since it is the Aspen area, your best bet is to book early. I found this place, Wildwood Snowmass, that seems nice not terribly expensive.

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