All 3 lanes of northbound I-25 had to close for the four-vehicle accident that we were involved in, as we headed home from our ski vacation at Monarch Mountain.

The three kids and the dog in the back of the minivan, my husband in the passenger seat and me, driving.

The I-25 traffic at 1 p.m. on a Thursday wasn't too crazy. Headed northbound near 120th, construction forced 3 lanes, into 2. Shortly after this merge, I heard the noise. The dreaded "pop" noise of a vehicle getting hit hard. I looked in the rearview mirror and it seemed that cars were moving everywhere, like a scene in a movie. Just then a white pickup truck slammed into the back of our minivan, sending us to the far right lane. Somehow I didn't hit any other cars. The same white truck flew back across the highway striking another car and landing against the concrete barrier.

My worst fear, on any major highway, seemed to come true. Best we know, the semi-truck had failed to notice the slowing traffic and slammed right into the white truck, sending it flying between other vehicles like a pinball game. The driver of this truck had to be cut out of the truck. We have no idea how he faired.

As you can see the back of our minivan was hit hard. My son Theo, took the brunt of the hit on that rear driver side. He had minor cuts from the glass, but otherwise, unscathed. Although, we are still watching him for a possible concussion

I could go on about the strange delayed reaction of my children's screams, my husbands quick thinking to pull a construction sign in front to protect us from the cars speeding by before the road was closed, holding our dog tight so he wouldn't jump out the broken window, the rediculous routine questions insurance has to ask you in moments like these, but those aren't the parts of the story I tell first.

The energy, I talk about the incredibly intense energy of a getting into an accident on a fast, busy interstate. The main goal of every official on the scene of that accident was to get the highway reopened as soon as possible. Tow trucks were on scene as quickly as ambulances. They made us drive our mangled van to the far left lane, to get the right lane open. The sad reality that these first responders see these kinds of accidents all day, every day, is sickening. Not sure I'll ever be able to comfortably drive on I-25 again.

Our minivan was totaled. Insurance was awesome and quick, seriously. I have already purchased a very similar minivan. My kids were scared but recovering. My husband ended up having a pinched nerve in his neck as a result of the accident, but that too is getting better. I know, "call the strong arm". Ha! I have recently realized I have a bit of PTSD when I drive. Certain road/car noises startle me easily. It'll get better with time. Unfortunately, I-25 will not. Be careful out there.


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