Today is a historic day in American history as we will pick a new president. No matter who wins, it will be a groundbreaking event. Every one of us needs to get out and vote and let our voice be heard. We don't have to agree but I sure hope we will except whoever the winner is and realize that the majority will have spoken and we need to unite under that leadership and at least respect the office that they hold. We don't have to like the person but you can respect the position. We, the people can heal this nation.

What are you going to do while you are waiting for the results to creep in? Why not watch a presidential themed movie? We have had plenty of good ones. If you like them funny or full of mystery we have plenty to choose from. Here are six of my favorites. Most of my choices are comedies but my all time favorite is a great political thriller. Check these out and maybe pop one in to pass the time today. Vote!!

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