Sia is reportedly being sued by a group of disgruntled fans who -- likely unfamiliar with any of her live performances -- were unhappy with both her lack of onstage banter and the brevity of her show.

Fans who attended Sia’s August 11 concert in Tel Aviv filed a class-action lawsuit against the “Cheap Thrills” singer Monday (August 15) for failing to entertain them in the specific way they were expecting.

The show -- which ended after an admittedly-brief 65 minutes -- featured a wig-obscured Sia, who was far enough back onstage that the majority of fans claim they couldn’t see her. While some opted to watch the screens erected on the side of the stage to fill in the gaps, fans say they played a pre-recorded video featuring Kristen Wiig and Sia that didn't quite sync up with the rest of the show, rather than air the actual concert in real time. This is in keeping with the stage show Sia's delivered at festivals this summer, including her set at New York's inaugural Panorama festival.

Fans also took issue with Sia's lack of onstage banter, claiming she offered no talking points or forced conversation between songs.

Those who filed the lawsuit reportedly shelled out around $91 per ticket and are demanding 8 million Shekels (which is equivalent to $2.1 million) from the Australian pop star and Israeli promoter Tandi Productions, according to the New York Daily News.

But the show's promoter, Ila Elkayam of Tandi Productions, says he hasn’t received an official claim yet, according to IQ Magazine.

“We wish to emphasize that the performance was extremely successful and we have received hundreds of comments from satisfied fans who thoroughly enjoyed the performance and the production,” he said. “In addition, it should be noted, that to the best of our knowledge, the claim was not submitted against Sia herself.”

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