On Sunday afternoon, at the Walmart Super Center in Greeley, a shoplifter Used bear spray to get away from staff.

I guess you could say “only at Walmart” if you wanted to as far as this story goes. The Walmart Super Center on 47th Avenue and 10th Street in Greeley was the setting for a Walmart story I’d never heard, until today. A person suspected of shoplifting from the store used bear spray on multiple Walmart employees as a way to get away before Greeley Police was able to arrive. He fled the scene in a car just before 1:30 PM on Sunday afternoon before any officers were on the scene.

Due to safety reasons for the rest of the customers in the store, the entire Walmart was evacuated while the investigation continued. A reported 5 Walmart staff members were affected but no word on if any shoppers were also caught in the ber spray debacle. The store finally re-opened just after 7 PM on Sunday night.

According to 9 News, the Greeley Police Department does not consider the alleged shoplifter a threat to the community and as of this writing are still looking to speak with any witnesses or with anyone who may have further information on the case. If you or anyone you know that may have further information on the bear spray incident today at the Greeley Walmart are encouraged to call 970-350-9605 to speak to a Greeley Police Department representative immediately.

I’ve shopped at this Walmart specifically many times and I’m a Walmart shopper pretty much weekly, and I’ve never seen or even heard of a situation like this. We’ll keep the information coming when and if the alleged shoplifter is caught and questions about the bear spray and the escape are answered.

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