First of all, it's great to be back!  Now that's out of the way, I think "selfie sticks" are the most annoying form of photography since grainy Instagram filters.

And apparently, a lot of folks agree with me, because they're being banned in more and more places.

I grant you, there's some novelty in being able to take a wide-angle photo of yourself surrounded by your entire wedding party on the big day.  And getting stable video of yourself cliff-diving can look pretty epic...

However, taking "candid" pictures of you and your significant other slurping noodles, or just walking down the street, is ridiculous (not to mention obnoxious).  And don't even get me started about blocking everyone else's view at a concert, just so you can post about what a "crazy" night you're having.  Give me a break!

Anyway, it turns out an increasing number of venues and tourist destinations are outlawing the selfie stick, according to Distractify.  A few such places include:

  • Major music festivals
  • Disney rides and attractions
  • Museums
  • The Kentucky Derby
  • China's Forbidden City

Good riddance!

Of course, Summer in Northern Colorado is full of photo-friendly events (Taste of Fort Collins, Greeley Stampede, etc.).  Do you think selfie sticks should be banned at those events as well? Let us know in the comments!

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