Can you imagine having not just one, but three strokes and then recording yourself having one?  It happened in Canada.

As Yahoo News reported, a Canadian woman, 49-years-old, took the video above as she was experiencing a mini-stroke.

Doctors are crediting her for helping them diagnose her with this video.

The woman of Thornhill, Ontario, had gone to the emergency room after she felt numbness in her face and had trouble speaking, which obviously wasn't normal. But when the symptoms stopped and all the tests for a stroke came back as negative, doctors told her it was likely just due to stress.

Two days later, it happened again.  This time while she was driving, she felt numbness on the left side of her body. She pulled over and began recording the symptoms on her phone.

The whole reason I posted this is more of PSA you could say.  For yourself, for friends, for family.  Sometimes we hate technology.  But there are those times where it can help save your life.

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