Three young girls were doing a good deed in Georgia.  They opened a lemonade stand in order to raise money for a sick toddler who was born with just 1/3 of his brain.  They had raised $150 when a man and a woman walked up and stole their money jar!

The man and woman are in their early 20's.  According to the story from the Daily Mail,

The man and a woman approached the girls and asked them about the stand when they snatched the money jar, scratching one of the girls in the process and running away.

The woman was arrested on the scene and identified as Amber Umbarger.  She was charged with three counts of robbery by snatching. Her accomplish, Gage Turner, is still on the loose.

Really?! Stealing from a little girl's lemonade stand?  Let alone, stealing from a lemonade stand raising money for a sick kid?!  Something is wrong with people, seriously wrong.


Photo from Flikr user EvinDC's photos.

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