By the time my mom picks me up from work, I'm already breaking out in nervous hives. Why? I'm about to get my eyes blasted with lasers. OK, that's a bit dramatic. 

We roll up to the Eye Center of Northern Colorado, and one of the amazing nurses tells me that when she first got lasik, she was so nervous, but after the procedure was finished, she realized she'd had nothing to be nervous about. Honestly, she was 100% right.

Lasik is done by a team of professionals who know how nerve-racking it must be to the average person to have anything done to their eyes. For some, even popping a contact in is cringe worthy, so how on earth can you normalize a laser in your eye?

The best assurance I can give you is how safe it really is. There's honestly nothing normal about this surgery, because for many, including myself, it's a game-changer. The surgery takes ten minutes and I didn't feel an ounce of discomfort. The doctors were kind and supportive, and walked me through everything they were doing. My mom, weirdo that she is, was watching from the next room, Facetiming my entire family and showing them some of the more graphic images of my eyes.

The most uncomfortable part of the whole thing was probably the hour afterwards, when we were driving home. I had a hard time falling asleep. It felt like there was sand in my eyes, and every time I tried to open them, water came spilling out. Calm down, tear ducts. 

Once I got back to my apartment, though, I was finally able to nap and when I woke up two hours later, I felt perfect. My eyesight was fantastic and I wasn't dizzy or in pain in any way...and I was ready to go to work the very next day.

I'll keep updating you on my lasik journey but so far, I'm in awe. I drove myself to work this morning and the fact that I didn't need my glasses was crazy to me. I tested myself by reading the signs on the road and could see each one perfectly. As someone who has needed glasses for most of her life, not needing anything all because of a ten-minute procedure is really incredible.

To learn more about lasik, click here, or drop a question in the comments below.

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