Yup, you read the headline right. We have a "Shark Tank" right here in Northern Colorado, but with a twist: it helps out local non-profits.

I'm talking about NOCO100, a nonprofit that aims to get 100 people to write a $100 check for three local charities that will compete to get the funding.

Or, as co-founder and contributor Deems Hargleroad likes to put it, "...it's like a Shark Tank for non-profits locally.

Originally founded by Jason Taylor and James Orr in 2015, the nonprofit started with a goal to give back to the Northern Colorado community.

"I'd been talking to charities, and they were spending hours on grants," said Taylor. "When they should be out in the community doing the services they want to do, and not having to raise funds."

With this in mind, Taylor set out to find a quick way for charities to raise money so they could do what they needed to do. After some brainstorming and help from friends, NOCO100 was born.

The method is relatively simple. Each member of the organization nominates three charities to receive funding four times a year, with a winner being randomly selected at each of the quarterly meetings.

Anyone willing to write a $100 check for a charity is welcome to join by signing up on their website or getting involved on their Facebook page.

The meetings take place at High Country Beverage, allowing members to make a difference in the community while enjoying a cold beer.

On top of that, the organization employs a superhero theme, so members can truly feel the importance of what they're doing for Northern Colorado.

For Taylor, that importance lies in giving back to the community that he calls home: "Reflect on what the community has done for you, and what you can do to give back to the community."

To learn more about NOCO100, listen to the full interview with Jason Taylor and Deems Hargleroad below.

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