Diplo hacked the Jonas Brothers' Instagram and spammed their followers with selfies.

Not only did he unfollow everyone on the account except himself, but the DJ changed the band's profile picture, uploaded an Instagram Story mocking his friends, Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas, as well as posted a number of hilarious photos — including a few thirst traps.

Diplo began his trolling on Wednesday (September 25) by sharing a black-and-white photo of himself wearing nothing but Calvin Klein underwear. "@calvinklein ur welcome for the free promo. follow @diplo," he captioned the shot.

He followed that up with a photo of someone sporting a Jonas Brothers tattoo, writing, "honestly can’t tell if this is the front of joe or the back of nick. follow @diplo."

He also shared a snap of Hanson with the caption "Never forget the original jonas brothers."

...and another of himself shirtless and holding his Grammy awards.

His last posts consisted of hilarious skits poking fun at Joe's hair and "footage" of Nick breaking up the band.

Following the hack, fans weren't sure what to make out of the posts. "Either the Jonas brothers Instagram is hacked, or they love @diplo just as much as I do...," one person wrote on Twitter, to which the JoBros replied, "Lol no we don’t love Diplo that much. Looking into it."

This isn't the first time Diplo has caused trouble for the Jonas family. You might recall he basically ruined Joe's secret wedding to Sophie Turner in Las Vegas when he live-streamed the whole thing on Instagram without the bride or groom's knowledge.

But according to E! News, Diplo didn't just hack the JoBros' account to troll them. Instead, it was a premeditated move in preparation for a new collaboration they're going to drop. The two teamed up on a new song for Diplo's upcoming country album.

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