When I first saw this I said, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" But, apparently with the pressure on schools to be healthier, chocolate milk may not be an option anymore and in some schools, they have already prohibited flavoured milk. I loved having the option of being able to choose! I remember lunch time in school, you would get that one awesome question after you got your food, "white milk or chocolate?" Most of the time I would choose chocolate, because come on, it's awesome! And I say most of the time because there were those great days where we had more than just those two to choose from. I am taking about root beer milk and orange milk. Those were special days when we had those options and I usually had a couple of quarters in my pocket to buy and extra milk, so I could have one orange and one root beer. Those were great days.

Do you think it is good for schools to ban chocolate milk in hopes to make the youth healthier?

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