It was 2017 when the Holiday Twin Drive-In announced that they needed the community's help to raise $25,000 to help them remain open for the foreseeable future.

The Fort Collins community rallied together and helped the drive-in theater meet its goal, but now, just three short years later, another petition regarding the drive-in has cropped up online.

"Save the Drive-In Theatre in Fort Collins, Colorado" already has over 15,500 signatures, and is looking for a total of 25,000. Their goal? "We the undersigned, petition the City Of Fort Collins to Provide Funds to purchase, preserve, and purpose the Holiday Twin as a Treasure of Fort Collins," according to their petition.

The language is a bit dated: they mention that Wes Webb, the iconic owner, is 'getting older', when sadly, he passed away in 2019. 

It seems as though the end goal here is to make the Holiday Twin Drive-In Theatre a historical landmark, which the City of Fort Collins has yet to do. Perhaps with just 348 drive-in theaters left in the country, this new petition will help get the attention of lawmakers in the area and keep the Holiday Twin a permanent part of Fort Collins history.

Only time (and a few more signatures) will tell.

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