Aside from the news that Washington's Bar in Old Town Fort Collins will be closing up, the other talk in town is that the Holiday Twin Drive-In will be opening this weekend -- but could it be the last time?

Hulton Archive /Getty Images
Hulton Archive /Getty Images

According to Erin Udell of the Coloradoan, the future of Fort Collins' only drive-in theater may be at stake. [See Erin Udell's full story here]

Udell reported that The Landuis Company is planning to develop the vacant land surrounding the drive-in with a subdivision, and while a Landuis spokesperson said there are no plans to flatten the Holiday Twin to make way for more homes, it does raise some concern.

This is pretty much what I saw happen in my hometown, which now has zero drive-ins, but three or four Wal-Marts, one of which being where our mid-century theater used to stand. As I've said before, I was going through a pretty big Grease phase at the time, and I was devastated, and personally, I gotta say: enough already.

Sure, Fort Collins is growing, and we 'need' more houses, but for the people who already live in Fort Collins, the Holiday Twin is kind of a local landmark, and the place we spend our summer nights. I mean, our post this morning about its opening weekend pretty much broke the internet in Northern Colorado as hard as Kim Kardashian's butt.

So, if the Holiday Twin were in danger, would you fight for it? We want to hear why you love the Holiday Twin, so tell us your dirve-in stories... just keep it somewhat clean, so we can use them in a future blog. ;)


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