On the eastern side of the ever-growing Longmont, is a brewpub that takes you to the outer reaches of the universe for food and beer.

Outworld Brewing recently opened in Longmont in the Vista Commercial Center (1725 Vista View Drive.)

Technically, it's not that YOU are in outer space, it's that outer space has come to YOU. You see, the premise is that an alien barge crashed on Earth and now these 'Tappist Munks' are sharing their knowledge of beer with us.

It sounded fun, so I went and checked it out.

It's bigger on the inside than you'd think as you approach. Inside, it did make me feel like I was on an outpost in the far reaches of space. Not so much a 'Cantina from Star Wars' feel, but not the bar from 'The Mandalorian,' either.

They have this row of 'pods' that you can sit in while you eat/drink; they're neat. I liked the lighting throughout the place, as well.

The beers that I tried were tasty, and they have a 'creole-inspired' food menu. I tried the crabcakes and fried oysters. 'Oysters, in space?' I giggled to my friend. They have a 'bloody maria bar' and a Sunday, brunch too.

They're just getting off the ground, so to speak; they'll be adding a rum and tequila bar to their second floor and they'll be having 'game nights,' karaoke, and live bands.

I look forward to 'docking' there again, soon.


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