When I (Goldberg) challenged the Rocky Mountain H.S. Varsity Football Team I didn't expect them to take the challenge to such an impressive level, and I'm not talking about grand style they are intending to douse themselves after this Fridays Game. I'm referring to the level of charitable contributions and awareness they are intending to raise. First of all, all this week since my challenge the football team and those involved have been working with the school to educate the student body on ALS. Also, the alumni and boosters are planning on collecting donations as well as donating a portion of the proceeds from the concessions from this Friday game. Finally The Subway on Drake and Shields is offering a free regular 6" sub to the 1st 100 people who donate $10 to ALS at the challenge at the game as well as 2- Party sub prize packs to the first 2 businesses that donate $250.00. You can rematch my Ice Bucket Challenge below and I will post the teams challenge after they complete it Friday night.  Feel free to join us.

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