Get ready for everything chocolate and all of your favorites from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Festival.It's the stuff dreams are made of and if you know how amazing Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolate will not want to miss this event! Hand dipped chocolate in all the loved varieties, white, milk, cover everything from apples, marshmallows to orange peels and popcorn. It's the shop that is not only one of my favorites to step into but is the one place I make sure that I visit every Fall to grab chocolate covered orange sticks and an artfully adorable caramel apple to get into the Halloween spirit.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Festival is not only a chocolate lovers dream but even if you just crave chocolate once in awhile...this event is one you will not forget! Held at The Ranch...because yes, it's just that huge and spectacular, is this Saturday, September 22, from 11am to 5pm. Parking is free for the event but tickets are required, admission is only $5, but oh so worth it. Get the ultimate experience with the VIP tickets but make sure you come hungry and ready for tons of chocolate to sample and also to take home with you!

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