The marathon that you will WANT to forget your headphones for. The weekend of October 16 the Rock n Roll Marathon comes to Denver.

Not just for one day either. The Rock n Roll Marathon has raised over 310 million dollars for charities around the area since it's start in 1998, earning itself a two day pass. a 5k will be featured on October 15 and the half marathon will be on October 16. You can run either or both of them if you chose, which is called the Remix Challenge.

The Rock n Roll Marathon supports local bands too. Both days will feature bands all along the course, local bands playing live as you run. So, you won't have to worry about the earbuds at all for this race! It will probably make you want to have dance breaks though! Then, of course at the end, you get to enjoy (but not cool down with) a beer of course. All to get you ready for the headliner of the night. Past artists have included Goo Goo Dolls, Macklemoore and Ryan Lewis, All-American Rejects, plus tons more. This year the marathon is headlined by G-Love & Special Sauce.

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