I love roller coasters. They are a thrill, yet you know that with technology today you are safe... At least that's what I tell myself! Although no one was injured, some thrill seekers got a little more than they bargained for at Elitch Gardens in Denver today (May 28th). 

The best part of about this story, at least for those who were stuck on the coaster, is that at the moment the coaster got stuck, they were not upside down.

The Sidewinder roller coaster came to a halt in the middle of the ride, and had to be manually brought back into the station before the passengers could be unloaded.

Oh, in case you were wondering, in the U.S. people take about 900 million rides on roller coasters per year, and only about 1 in 124,000 result in an injury, and only about 4 people die every year riding them on average. 450 people die from falling out of bed each year. In other words, don't sleep, just ride roller coasters!

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