Elitch Gardens used to be our go to place during the summer when I was a teenager. We bought season passes and we were there probably 3-4 times a week. By far, my favorite rides were the Mind Eraser and the Tower of Doom. That drop on the tower was the best feeling ever along with sight of the Denver skyline... A memory that will live on in my head until I die.

Fast forward to next year. The 2017 season will bring a new ride to the iconic Elitch Gardens! The new ride is 17 stories, holds 48 riders and goes a speedy 50 mph. This ride is called the Star Flyer and it looks amazing! Check it out:

You can get a sneak peak at the new ride and be the first to ride it at Elitch Gardens coming up on April 22-23rd by purchasing a Season Pass. The 2017 season for Elitch Gardens will officially open on April 29th.



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