Colorado loves to shop, eat, and play. Luckily we have thousands and thousands of different local and national options to do those things all over our state. One Colorado Mall currently going through another re-vamp has plenty of space to add many new shops and restaurants and the locals have a lot of input on what they'd like to see back there as far as food goes.

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These Stores Should Be Included In "New" Colorado Outlet Mall

Formally the Outlets at Loveland, the "new" Loveland Yards took over the declining space on the corner of I-25 in 2023. Since the new ownership took over, we've seen some new improvements and shops and businesses pop up over the last few months including Gold's Gym, Cycle Bar, School of Rock, and more.

Food-wise though, people seem to have many big dreams for the space. Regardless of how tricky some of these would be to implement in the current Mall design, what does Colorado want to see as a part of this new mall? Here are some of their suggestions...

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Are we missing any that you said you'd like to see? While you think about it, check out this hidden breakfast spot... SO GOOD!

This Hidden Colorado Breakfast Spot Is One Of The Best Around

My friends, let me introduce you to one of our new favorite restaurants for breakfast in all of Colorado, Maggi's Kitchen. It's a quiet locally owned and run cafe in Longmont, Colorado, just west of I-25 and Hwy 119. Open daily from 6 am until 2 pm, they specialize in some of the best homestyle breakfast and lunch in the state. Plus, they're super adorable!

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Red Flags for People Moving to Colorado

Before you decide to live out your Colorado dreams, there are a few red flags to consider first.

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This Is The Best Steak Restaurant In Colorado

When you want a steak, and you go out to dinner, you want the quality to match the price. And for decades, this Colorado steak restaurant has been as quality as it gets in its line of work. That's why the lines are always so long... Calling it the "best" could be controversial, but let's take a quick peek at some of their amazing food!

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

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