During a recent morning visit to Estes Park to see the sunrise from Rocky Mountain National Park, we were hungry for great breakfast. And we found it!

Let me take the time to introduce you to Claire's on the Park in Estes Park, which is located on Park Lane right behind Bond Park. Honestly, we had never heard about Claire's until we stumbled across it early Saturday morning as our stomachs were screaming after an early morning hike.

However I am so happy our stumbles took us to Claire's, which has automatically jumped to one of the top five breakfasts that I have ever had.

First off, we picked the right day to come as mimosas on this beautiful Saturday morning were "2 for 1". My wife and I both enjoyed one, and it was one of the best tasting I have had in quite a while.

Credit: Claire's on the Park Facebook Page

Next on the list...THE FOOD. Which was equally as fantastic.

The first thing that jumped out at me when I looked at the menu was that the size was just right. There was just enough options to make your mouth water each one, but not so much where your mind started to spin.

I ended up getting the crab cake benedict, which was two crab cakes placed on english muffins and topped with the two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and chives. I can some this meal up in one word.


Wait, I have more words to describe it: UNBELIEVABLE, PERFECT...

Yeah, you get the idea.

Credit: Claires on the Park Facebook Page
Credit: Claires on the Park Facebook Page

The thing with crab cakes is that they can go one of two ways. Cooked just right or made completely wrong. The way Claire's prepares their crab cakes is a model that many restaurants should use, especially when adding them into a benedict breakfast. It had just the right amount of crab but it didn't overpower the entire meal.

For the side with my benedict were breakfast potatoes that had the right amount of seasoning and were crispy, which is exactly the way I like it.

However, while the crab cake benedict and the breakfast potatoes were fantastic...the bacon was the BEST bacon I have ever dug my teeth into.

The bacon literally melted in my mouth. That is no exaggeration. As soon as I bit into it, my taste buds went on overdrive and I probably could've ordered five more plates of the delectable side dish.

Plus the pieces were thick and fresh! Not the flimsy, thin pieces you get from some other breakfast locations.

Lastly, sitting on the patio at Claire's allows you to envelop yourself into the Estes Park atmosphere...and the service there was enjoyable and polite. Which can sometimes be hard to come by at 7:30 at some restaurants.

All in all...I give Claire's 5 slices out of bacon out of 5 possible. Yes, they hit that big of a home run!

The next time you are in Estes Park, check them out for breakfast along with lunch and dinner. You won't be disappointed!

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

Claire's on the Park

225 Park Lane



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