Honor your lost pet in the best way...by helping feed other shelter dogs!I have always empathize with friends that go through the death of a pet. I know all to well how difficult it can be to have grown up with dogs that become part of the family or forming that special bond with a rescued pet. I always wanted to do something for them but didn't know exactly what that should be. A picture in a frame is nice but to me that just brings back memories and wishes that they were still here.

Then I stumbled upon the Lava Bead Rainbow Bracelet and it's perfect! I love this concept too...remember your pet by this bracelet or another awesome jewelry piece and the proceeds go to feeding shelter dogs. Remember, donate, and honor the four legged loved-one that impacted your life so much. The jewelry is really tasteful as well, with bracelets that range from thick bands for guys to dainty, gold adjustable ones for girls, They have charm bracelets and the necklaces are so pretty. Plus, tons more!

You're not just buying something in remembrance though. One piece of jewelry will go to feed shelter dogs, with each piece ranging from 5 to 22 shelter dogs! They even have pieces of jewelry dedicated to Veterans and helping to get Veterans paired with a Service Dog or Shelter Dog, which can be extremely important to those that are affected by PTSD. They deserve all the help they can get.