I was getting a little sad today because apparently the 1990s are now considered "retro." If it hasn't already hit you yet, it's a rough time in life when your high school years are classified as a time period from the past. But it did spark my memory to some of the lame things I did love in the 90s. Things like my Detroit Lions Starter jacket.

Honestly, was there a sports fan alive that didn't have (or want) one of these things in the early-90s?

They were obnoxious and expensive, but dang were they “cool”. If you’re not familiar they were big, puffy, pullover jackets with a giant pocket in the front that let everyone within 500-yards know what team you were rooting for. (Those Charlotte Hornets ones had to be the ugliest coats I’ve ever seen!)

My biggest beef with them was how loud they were. Literally. If you wore one at school and had to walk across the room to sharpen your pencil (Yes, we had to do that kiddos), it felt like people two rooms over would be able to hear the rustling of your overstuffed, synthetic-fiber jacket.

But still...I loved my Starter jacket.

I don’t care if I did look silly, or if those jackets will become the butt of future 90s jokes. I kind of wish I still had it. I’ll revel in my fond memories and try to forget that people actually started killing each other over these things.

Did you have one of these jackets? Will you send a picture of you in it to me? I want to post a bunch of them here so we can all relive the glory that was the, now retro, Starter pullover jackets of the 90s.