Steamboat Springs is known for its spectacular - and giant - fireworks displays on the 4th of July, and Tim Borden is the guy behind that.  This year Tim and his team are looking to up their game to the highest heights yet.

This 2400-pound firework would shoot as far as a mile into the air, going about 300 miles per hour.  The display would be roughly a mile wide.  The launching tube is 26' long, made of 2" steel, and weighs about seven tons.

Thankfully, we have time to plan for this.  It's not going to happen on July 4th, but rather this coming February during Steamboat's Winter Carnival.

Borden seems to be taking advantage of a legal loophole in this.  That is, there are no federal regulations on a firework this gigantic.  Now, he's in communication with the Guinness Book of World Records!

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