There are so many ways to enjoy the Colorado snow. Skiing and snowboarding dominate most of Colorado's 32 ski resorts. However, Steamboat Springs has joined the resorts that know some people just want to just sit down and enjoy the ride. They have added a little extra tubing fun to their slopes.

Steamboat Springs just opened Tube Howelsen. A family-friendly way to enjoy the beauty of winter and the magic of a treasured ski town. Rent a huge tube, take a carpet ride up the beautiful covered tube that features a light show, and enjoy a memorable ride down the dual-lane course!

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City of Steamboat Springs
City of Steamboat Springs

Howelsen Hill is known as the "hometown hill" in Steamboat Springs. Howelsen Hill Ski & Rodeo Manager Brad Setter said "we’re excited to bring tubing back to the historic hill and have a thrilling course and new lighted lift.”

Tube Howelsen requires reservations. Tubers need to be at least 36" tall and only one person per tube. Prices vary depending on the day and time of year, but they start at $30 per rider. All the details can be found at

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