If Broncos fans didn't dislike the Raiders enough, already, the Raiders have been taking advantage of an NFL loophole when it comes to kickoffs.

It really comes as little surprise to hear that the Josh McDaniels-lead Las Vegas Raiders would be using "sneaky" tactics in their effort to win games, knowing McDaniels' history.

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As long as the Broncos and Raiders have existed, there's been a bitter rivalry between the two. "Raiders, Suck," is often heard, whether it be at Mile High or just around the office. The disdain is palpable. That's why when I heard about this Raiders scandal, I had to jump on it.

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Remember back in 2007, when the New England Patriots got caught up in that taping scandal, "SpyGate?" The incident involved the Patriots taping the New York Jets defense coaches' signals from an unauthorized location. That stunt cost the Patriots $250,000 and Head Coach Bill Belichick, himself, $500,000. On the team that season was Josh McDaniels, who is now the Head Coach for the Las Vegas Raiders.

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So here we are, 15 years later, and another scandal involving Josh McDaniels has popped up. The scandal involved how the struggling Raiders (though not as bad as the Broncos) have been doing kickoffs.


The Raiders have been getting more hang time out of their kickoffs by having someone hold the football steady while it's ION the tee not IN the tee. Their kicker has been able to get more foot under the ball, thereby getting it higher into the air, and adding more hang time for the special teams players to get downfield and tackle the kickoff returner.

At first, the NFL said the Raiders' "hack" was fine. Then, they came to their senses, and informed the Raiders that that "hack" was an illegal move. Sure, it's not exactly "cheating," but it sure looked sketchy. Take that, Raiders.

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