Colorado vocab can be tricky at first, but most people find they can catch on pretty quickly after a few flubs and a little help from our neighbors. Before you worry too much about how to say towns, start with the word Colorado.

There are two ways to say, Colorado. Natives usually pronounce it Colo-Radd-O, and people who are from elsewhere usually say Colo-Rod-O. At least now we can all say the state correctly even if we can't say Tabeguache (TAB-uh-wahch) Peak yet. Give it time.

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Colorado Words Everyone Gets Wrong the First Time

Hey, if you fudge the name of a Colorado town, it's ok. Everyone has. The ones that usually cause the most bloopers are when someone encounters towns like Arvada · Avondale, Berthoud, Buena Vista, Canon City, Crested Butte, and Fruita.

Colorado Towns Most People Get Wrong At Least Once

Can you recall the first time you found out how you are actually supposed to be pronouncing Canon City, Colorado? What about Cache La Poudre? When you say Limon, does it come out sounding like Lemon?

What is the Hardest Place in the World to Pronounce?

Oddly enough, according to the internet, the city that leads the way with pronunciation searches is Rio De Janerio. Over 7,000,000 searches on the internet pronunciation dictionary known as Forvo make this the hardest place to pronounce according to the internet.

Scroll on for words and phrases that most people have a hard time with in Colorado. Most of them end up being towns or streets.

Colorado Words that Out-of-Staters Find Impossible to Pronounce

The first time people see a road sign with the name "Fruita" on it, they usually come up with some pretty interesting ways to pronounce the town. What Colorado words or phrases are hard for people from out of state to say correctly?

KEEP GOING: Grand Junction Street Names Out-of-Towners Can't Pronounce

You've been there. In a new town with new street names. It's obvious you'll mispronounce a few street names here and there. We've compiled a list of street names around Grand Junction that stump out-of-towners.

LOOK: Name a Colorado Town that Most People Mispronounce

There are plenty of Colorado towns that people just can't pronounce correctly. It's not just the newbies either. Plenty of Colorado natives also have issues saying and spelling towns in our state as well. Which one always gets you? Let's take a look:

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