As cases of the Delta variant of COVID-19 rise, despite about 56% of Larimer County being fully vaccinated, and the CDC suggesting people in high transmission areas should wear a mask even if vaccinated, several institutions have had to reevaluate protocols moving forward to ensure the highest level of safety. Poudre School District released a statement Tuesday, July 27 detaling what they're taking into consideration moving forward into the school year.

Poudre School District superintendent Brian Kingsley reassured parents and staff that they are following the CDC recommendations closely and that their priorities are still where they should be, saying:

Our children and the PSD community are always at the center of our hearts and work. [...] we will continue working in the best interestsof our students, staff and communities.

In the community release, Kingsley recognized that people have different opinions, concerns, and priorities when tackling the constant change the world has experienced through this pandemic. He acknowledge that just living and working in a global pandemic is complex enough as it is.

For Kingsley and the PSD Board of Education, they believe in the importance of students being in school. They believe there is a strong sense of belonging that comes with being in the classroom, and there are more learning opportunities for students who are able to be physically present.

The statement from PSD was clear to mention that they have not yet reached a decision on protocols or mandates for the upcoming school year. However, they were also realistic to say that mask-wearing mandates are subject to change from what they thought those would look like for the next school year.

Credit: Larimer County, COVID-19 Dashboard
Credit: Larimer County, COVID-19 Dashboard

Poudre Valley School district said they are cognizant about rising cases of the Delta variant and elevated rates among younger people. They're also aware that not every PSD student is eligible for the vaccine just yet.

For now, Kingsley points out that while getting vaccinated is ultimately a personal choice, he encourages that people who are eligible to get vaccinated do so. Kingsley guarantees communication before the start of the school year with answer and the decided steps moving forward.

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